Fight the Fear and Put Your Fees Up Anyway

If you know you should have put your fees up a long time ago but have been putting it off because you’re not quite sure how it will go down with your clients, here is my take on how and why to do this…

Financial re-parenting: Creating a healthier relationship with money as adults

Clinical psychologist and personal brand consultant Dr Lisa Orban of at ways that you can shrug off their mistakes and re-programme yourself to create a healthier relationship with money.



Family Has The Most Influence On Our Money Habits

When I launched a survey into women’s attitudes around money I little expected to find that almost over 41% of respondents cited a family member as their financial role model, far above and beyond financial gurus or business celebrities like Richard Branson.

Education and Investment Will Get Us Through

None of us knows what the next five years will bring now that the decision to leave the EU has been made, but what we can do, as business leaders and individuals, is place ourselves in the best position to weather whatever may be ahead.



A 10 Step Business Model to Help You Think Bigger

The No. 1 area where women fall down in business is not honing in on making more money. In my 15 years of working with female business owners as a tax consultant and business planner, I frequently encounters these four scenarios…