Elizabeth Robins Faye Watts Business Coach

Liz, please tell us about what you do, how you ended up doing this and why you are passionate about your work.

I fell in to this world of payroll by becoming a PA for an accountant. I was originally a chef, but the split shifts once I got married and had my kids became impossible.

So I got myself a job with an accountant, I asked questions, I listened, I learned and then managed to create a payroll bureau for myself. I loved the fact I was helping others with one of the most important parts of the monthly journey of being a boss! Getting paid is the most important part of our teams month! #passionateaboutpayroll

Tell us about your greatest achievement.

Being able to help all the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises that we do. Also, we do not trawl universities for graduates. I truly believe in giving bright, talented, keen, interested, enthusiastic individuals the chance to have a career in the financial services industry when they have not had the chance to before, be that due to lack of education or situation. This feels a great achievement and on going.

What would your advice be to someone thinking of entering finance as a profession?

Take the exams, Learn as much as you can. Enjoy it!

What is your experience of the finance industry from a woman's point of view? Would you say it is a good career choice for a woman?

For me I fell in to the finance industry and have never looked back. If you enjoy what you do then it never feels like a hard day at work. I never worried about being a woman. If I didn't like the way I was treated by a male or a female I moved on.

What's your best financial advice for any woman?

Making yourself independently financial is a MUST!