How did you get into this? 

I became an accountant taking advice from my dad who felt it was a good profession for me to get into. I attended university to study accounting and I have always been great with figures. Partway through my career I hated it and tried to change but couldn’t, however I eventually discovered  a new love for it.


Can you explain what a typical day for you would be?

I work for larger clients which means a daily commute into their offices. A typical day will involve me being in meetings, troubleshooting accounts and challenging operational managers on their spend within their service area. Another day can involve me submitting tax returns for my clients and liaising with HMRC on their behalf.

What’s your experience from a woman’s point of view. Would you say it is a good job for a woman?

I believe that the job is great for women. However it is dependent on the industry you are in. The great thing about accounting is it is attached to the activity level of the company you are working for, ranging from small and relaxed to large and intense with lots of activity. It gives women flexibility to choose because accountants are always needed

What would your advice be to someone thinking of entering this profession?

Recognise the involvement required to keep up your skillset. Continuing Professional Development is quite crucial as there is very little room for mistakes with people’s money.

What’s your best financial advice for any woman?

From an investment point of view, I will say start building up a retirement plan early, develop multiple streams of income and invest in a good portfolio with passive streams of income i.e. income that can come to you while you sleep