Empowering and Encouraging Women in Finance: an interview with Amelia Demby of

Amelia, tell us about what you do..

I’ve only been at my new job for ½ a week. But in my previous role, I was a Finance Analyst. I did everything from invoicing, credit control…to managing high stake budgets and advising on projects. That will also be a part of my new role.

How did you get into this. Did you train straight out of school/Uni or was it a more roundabout journey?

This was an unexpected trip into finance. After school I studied Maths at University for a couple of years and having my daughter meant that I had to change tactics, I needed a Job. My Aunty suggested that I studied ACCA . So I worked as a Door-to-Door Fundraiser part time, whilst I studied independently. I landed my first job in a small accountancy firm.

Can you explain what a typical day for you might be?

It’s hard to say. Every day is different, there are the usual task that are done in cycles, but there are also a lot of ad hoc projects, where you really get to use your imagination and creativity.

What’s your experience from a women’s point of view. Would you say it is a good job for a woman?

Finance is so diverse, in my career, I’ve mostly worked in Industry (Retail/PR/Property companies). In fact most of my colleagues (both finance and otherwise) have been female, there’s been so much variety, I can’t complain.

What would your advice be to someone thinking of entering this profession?

Finance is such a diverse field, think about what you want from your working life, and find the finance job that suits. You can do almost anything and work almost anywhere.

What’s your best financial advice for any woman?

Withdraw a set amount of cash for incidentals each week, and leave your bank card at home. That gives you the time to think seriously if you actually want something. Most shops will hold good for you until the next day. If you want something, you can go back later.