GCSEs Hooray!

Many youngsters will be getting their GCSE results today and will be looking forward to starting their career journey.  Despite some negative press, many have enjoyed great results and this will open many doors for their future career.  As an employer, we’re still very keen to learn of GCSE results at interview and it certainly gives an indication as to their level of emotional intelligence at such a young age and good to know how they coped.  

GCSE results will have an impact on what college you go to, what you study next or what A-levels are open to you. You may not have decided what you want to do as a career yet, but it’s a good time to think about what subjects you enjoy most and where you have an interest. Your results may even change your perspective if you get an unexpected result.

On the flip side, a poor GCSE result isn’t the end of the world. My GCSEs weren’t great but I still progressed on with a great career, so I believe anything is possible.

What are you planning to study next? Unusual topics of study can create great talking points.  I do hope more young girls are inspired to get into business, and it would be great to see more women in finance too.

BusinessFaye Watts