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I am a business performance and strategy advisor. In the 9 years since founding FUSE Accountants, I have worked with hundreds of businesses of all different sizes. What I have seen over that time, is that to really succeed in business, you need to own it. By “own it” I mean, you need to really own your goals. You need to accept responsibility for setting and reaching tangible targets that will propel your business forward. It means knowing your business inside out – from the financials to the KPIs – and committing to improvement in all areas. Even if you think you’re currently “good enough”, you could be striving for better.

In our work together, I will help you establish clear goals with regular prompts to keep you on target. We will look at both your long and short term vision for your business, and address issues such as sustainability, growth, profitability and the impact these have upon your own personal life.

I work with business owners who have made their first steps towards success, but may need extra support and a firm grasp of the financials and processes to help them progress further and faster.

Areas we cover, could include;

  • Staffing recruitment, retention and engagement

  • How to strengthen client relationships beyond just transactions

  • Implementing sustainable systems

  • Ensuring you achieve great client satisfaction

  • Improving your profit margin

  • Understanding cash flow

  • Lead conversion; getting it right and boosting retention

  • Managing debt and debtors

  • Sky rocketing your productivity

  • Preparing your exit strategy

  • Enhancing management and leadership skills

  • The public perception of your business

  • Any barriers (real or imagined) that may be holding you back

Even solo business owners may struggle with issues around leadership and system management.

Working with me will be like having a virtual board, I will help you initiate effective operational systems to make the business more profitable and sustainable.


I work with people who are prepared for change; who are happy to be frank and open, and are willing to be challenged. We will be discussing figures but I am not here to judge. I won’t expect you to have all the numbers – and an in-depth understanding to them – at your fingertips. This is what I am here for.

I will ask questions and set challenges. We will work with tools, exercises and action plans which are all carefully chosen to support you and your particular journey.

3 Months

  • First meeting to set goals and accountability

  • Fortnightly 30 minute power chat by telephone to re-energise and focus

  • Weekly email review

  • Final review meeting to clarify achievements made and your ongoing plans

From 6 Months

  • First meeting to set goals and accountability

  • Fortnightly 30 minute power chat by telephone to re-energise and focus

  • Weekly email review

  • Skype 1 hour meeting every month

Bespoke VIP

Contact me to discuss.