Anne Timpany Faye Watts Business Coach London

Anne, please tell us about what you do, how you ended up doing this and why you are passionate about your work.

I have been in the industry over 15 years and My business is in mechanical construction and plumbing based in London. My husband and I started our company in 2009 together as I had been made redundant from my job in hospitality and he wanted to go out on his own. I am passionate about business and the mechanics of it and how as a business owner you can not only make a changes in your business but also the people that work for you and if your ambitions go further you can influence change on a much wider scale.

Tell us about your greatest achievement(s)

I have been fortunate to be the recipient of a number of awards including the Natwest Everywoman Athena Award which I would name as one of my greatest achievements in business. I also feel the growth and development of our business is a huge achievement in itself.

What is your best advice for any woman looking to achieve great things?

Go for it! In my experience women are mainly held back because of confidence not aptitude. Confidence is a mindset so don’t let your mind hold you back. If you don’t try then you may regret it one day.

What do you think the key to your success is?    

My mindset is confident, resilient and I don’t let emotion get in the way of running my business. That’s very difficult when you throw your heart and soul into it but having the right mindset is essential to success.

Any plans for the future you would like to share with us..?           

We are in the process of re-launching our domestic plumbing arm again which we had stopped in 2014. We recognise that the commercial construction industry will greatly suffer after Brexit but domestic plumbing is pretty much recession proof.